Fall Style: Why So High?

It was the American Music Awards that solidified the reviving of this trend for me.
We've seen high waists before, turtlenecks have been around for way too long in my opinion, but when you have gowns adopting the high neck look that's when I turn around and take notice. Its a trend. It's a born again trend.

So the neck gets cold, I understand this.
But the clausterphobic,necklace wearing lover inside of me has to take a pause. The high waist, of course depends on body shape and the top you pair it with. Even though I prefer the high waisted skirt of all the high trends, I do admit there is a certain appeal to them. Also I can get behind the oversized turtleneck sweater, it allows some room for you neck to move.

Just like every trend, it doesn't work for some people. But never say never and don't knock it till you try it - two sayings I live by.

Are you getting high this fall?


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Unknown said...

Awesome pics! I love the style:)


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