Is It Because I Live In The NW That I am A Coat Hoarder?

I really should be in bed right now. But, its the same old story. I make a cup of tea, put on a episode of Law & Order and then I surf all of my favorite websites for cool coats. I don't necessarily buy any of them, but I have a constant wish list that gets updated. Is it the NW girl in me that wants to hoard coats or is it that I have so many style personalities that I want coat for each one?

Here are my favorites and the part of my personality that it satisfies.

JCrew Window Pane Trench

Madewell Team Jacket
Asos Military Coat

Zara Cape Coat

I am leaning towards the “All my coats are black” coat. What’s a girl to do?
Why do I fall in love with coats every day? I think it’s because I am coat hoarder that lives in the NW. 

Have you seen the latest coat to enter my closet fold? It’s hooded and rain proof, in other words I love it.

Happy Friday! 


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Unknown said...

i understand your need to hoard coats. I recently bought 3 of them. At the same time. I now have 7. Not because it's freezing yet here, not because I had none. Just because they offer a different style, each one a little part of me. And those parts of me say get them all!! P.S. the "cool" coat is my favorite!

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