Seattle, I Know What You Will Be Doing This Weekend: Goodwill Glitter Sale.

I may have been tired from just getting off a plane after 12 hours of travel, but I wasn't going to miss an opportunity to play dress up. Thank you to Goodwill Seattle for giving me a sneak peek at some of the amazing coats, fur coats, shoes, skirts, handbags,and dresses that will be available for purchase this weekend.

If you are not familiar with the Glitter Sale, then you are missing out. I have gone the last two years and have come home with some of my favorite thing ever.

When I went to take a look at what would be up for grabs this year, I almost cried. Why? Well I couldn't bring anything home with me. So, if I am not standing in line on Saturday, then I will see you on Sunday.

Just remember - there isn't a dressing room. You will not want to take a restroom break.
There are a few more tips that you should definitely know. You can read them at the GW blog

            An instagram of Fresh Jess & I trying on some amazing fur coats. 

Make sure to take a friend. It's a million more times more fun when you have someone who will die over amazing things with you. 



glam.spoon said...

see you there Alix! I might have to shop the furs this year...

AlixRose said...

I will be going straight for the furs. I fell in love with so many when I was there.

Unknown said...

I wish my goodwill had just like this!
La Modelesque

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