Are You Wearing Sequins for NYE? Here's a Few Ways to Wear Sequins After New Years.


If I was wearing a dress for New Years it would definitely be a sequined one. Unfortunately, I am going to a costume party, so there will be no reason for me to indulge in the wonderful style of sequins. But it got me thinking, if I wanted to wear sequins in my everyday - how would I do it? So, if you decide to wear a sequin dress, sequin pants or a sequin blazer this New Years Eve, here are a few ways to take that look into your everyday. 

This is the hardest to wear on a average Tuesday. So, you will have to reserve this piece for a dressier day. But it doesn't have to be an event on the dressier side. In fact I would wear the layered look (left photo) to work if I knew that I had an event after work. 

How fun are sequin pants? They can make so many different looks work . Whether your a girly girl or want to pull of an edgier look this New Years Eve, these pants will make it happen.

These are much easier to pull off compared to the dress. These are my two favorite ways to wear sequined pants during the week. The leather jacket with a white tee can easily take these fun pants to Happy Hour or dinner. They make an everyday thing a little more special.
The slouchy sweater with the pants is my favorite. It doesn't seem like a style that would work, but once you put them together you wonder how you ever doubted it. Your lazy Saturday, just got a lot more fun. 

You don't have to be Blake Lively in order to wear a sequined blazer.

The blazer is a lot easier to wear on any given day of the week compared to a sequin dress or pants. It's all about the blazer when it comes to putting an outfit together. The winter months calls from layering, so layer it up. The Sequin blazer can hold its own when it comes to sweaters, scarves and jeans. 

If you're a little hesitant on splurging on a sequin piece for New Years.. I say don't be. I have no doubt you will be loving and living in sequins for years to come. 

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Jamie Collyer said...

Of course I am wearing Sequins on NYE... Super High Silver Sequin Stilettos with an LBD to dance the night away in.

Hope you have a lovely New Years Eve!


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