Dance Party Approved: Halloween in December.


In the month of October I avoid wearing the black and orange combo. I just think it's to cliche and makes me look like a walking talking pumpkin. I like pumpkins, I just don't want to look like one. But once Halloween passes I jump at the chance to wear one of my favorite color combos.

I am a big fan of it. In the winter months I wear a lot of black, so its fun to add a punch of color, orange is the perfect popping shade.


If you add it to your outfit in the form of coat, a print, a hat or under a leather jacket, it will make you stand out in the sea of black in the winter crowd.

Will you be adding a little orange to your outfits this winter?

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Unknown said...

Love a pop of orange.. maybe even a brighter, neon coral-like pop too! Mixing that with navy and gold accessories is a fun combo.

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