Don't Let the Wind Win.

posted on: 12/20/12


I got caught in the rain yesterday. I forgot my umbrella at work and that left me head to toe soaked. Honestly, I never look this cute with an umbrella. I've tried, but the wind factor seems to always get me.
So, the story about wind, it never gets along with your hair. They are in a constant battle, so whats a girl to do? 


I know what you're thinking.. hat head.



After today, I would wear a hat, pack a mini hair dryer and a hair brush. 

Don't let the wind and rain win.


weareabeginning said...

This is such a great idea! I've always looked for coats with hoods for such events but hats are a more chic.

Jamie Collyer said...

One of these days I will buy an Umbrella! Lol... almost every morning I get to the office looking drenched. When will I learn?!?!