Holiday Style: Chevron Dresses & The Earrings that are Dance Party Approved.

I know chevron was hot hot hot this summer.  But just because it was the it style a few months ago doesn't mean it can't be a fun holiday look.

I love that it’s easy to dress up. The simple stand out print makes it a stand out from the solid colors that are sure to be a staple at holiday parties this year. 

I admit I still haven't found the right cut of chevron dress to fit my style, but I did find these chevron earrings at Forever 21. 

Did they pass the dance party approved test?

Yes, they did.
This is important because I can't dance with heavy earrings anymore. I've worn earrings that were too heavy for so many years that I have to be careful. Unfortunately a lot of big earrings are heavy. Not these ones.

I even wear them to work. I really want to wear them all the time. The light pastel colors of the design make them compatible with everything from a denim shirt to a leather jacket. 

But I prefer to wear them out dancing. 

So if you're not ready to jump on the chevron hot tamale train then you can take baby steps and bring it into your look with accessories.

I am still looking for the perfect chevron dress to rock at one of the Holiday parties I will be going to this coming month. 



Anonymous said...
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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I'd wear them out dancing too. And - wow! Love your blazer!

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