New Years Resolutions? Join Me in The Resolution Challenge and Kick Off 2013 in a Healthy Way.

 If you're like me you're feeling a little sluggish. It's the wonderful Holiday food and drinks. Thankfully, I have little guilt, that's because I know I have the Resolution Challenge kicking off in the new year.

I've been working with Jenn from For the Glow for a few months now and I have accomplished goals I didn't think possible. In September I did a detox, who would of thought that I could step away from Coca Cola for 10 days? I didn't. I saw my body change in healthy and amazing ways.

So, when I found out that she was doing a Resolution Challenge I knew I had to do it. 

Now, I'm going to be real. I have never been that good at following meal plans, exercise guides or any kind of online weight loss program. So, I went into the last program not really knowing if I would actually make it. The guides and plans that Jenn puts together are straight forward, even words like Spirulina and Bee Pollen didn't scare me. Why? Because Jenn is there for you. You can set up Skype dates, there's text support, she has her email and you can just tweet her @fortheglow with questions you may have. You're definitely not alone in this.

If I can do this, you definitely can! 

Don't let the word detox scare you. I've been through it and survived. If you've never done anything like this, this is your chance. I learned so much about myself.. how determined I was, how much strength I really did have and that I could have fun while getting in shape. Who knew?

The best part is that its only $49 dollars. Seriously! 
Don't hesitate, this program is only available to join until Jan 4th. 

You won't regret it. In fact your body will thank you. 

Sign up here

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