Not Quite Dance Party Approved, But That Won't Stop Me : The Little Gold Belt.

I really don't know how other Fashion bloggers post their outfits on the same day they wore it. I wore this yesterday. I usually start with one item that I desperately want to wear, yesterday it was the gold belt. It seemed a little festive because of its shininess. Tis' the season.

 One of my favorite color combos is black and brown. You can't really tell from the photo, but underneath the blazer is a black racer back maxi dress. The boots are ankle  height. I had to wear them because the maxi dress is more on the body con side then the flowy side.

So the question only left to answer.... is this outfit dance party approved?

Umm... you can't really dance too much in this. In fact, in the picture above I almost lost my balance. I think that had more to do with my boots and the carpet then the belt. At least I got a laugh out of it.

In all this was a relaxed outfit. It kept me warm. I was able to wear my silly socks under my dress and feel festive thanks to my belt.

I, of course had to check out Pinterest to see what other fashion people do with their gold belts.

Now I want a million more gold belts, don't you? 



Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Very nice belt. Well, some fashion bloggers are very ambitious.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

You are the cutest! A gold belt can be a serious game changer.


Pursuit of Shoes

Jamie Collyer said...

Such a great outfit! The gold belt pulls it all together Fabulously!


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