Running Late? The 3 Items You Need to Make It to Work in Style and On Time.

Every once in awhile I wake up late. This means I don't get to try on 5 different shirts or dresses to figure out what I feel comfortable walking out of the house in. I'm sure I'm not the only one who goes through these kind of mornings. Am I?

Fortunately, I have figured out a simple formula for getting ready and making it to work on time. 

  1. A button up shirt. I tend to favor my denim button ups.
  2. A big statement necklace. - A piece of jewelry. I tend to go for a sparkly or bright necklace on these days because my outfit palette is usually on the black and blue side. 
  3. Bright lipstick. I have to admit that I usually go for a bright lipstick anyways. But when you're running late and you only have  little bit of time to get your make up right, a bright lipstick pulls everything together. 
I completed this look with black jeans and black boots.
 I ended up being only 20 minutes late, but I didn't look it, right? ;) 

Do you have any go to style tricks that help you make it out of the door a little quicker when you're running late? 


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