Dream Job Style Profile: Annie Georgia Greenberg, NY Editor for Refinery 29.

A few months back I started a series called Dream Style Job. It's where I highlighted  a strong lady, who has a cool job and looks cool doing it. My past ladies in the series have included  Susan Cernek, Jenna Lyons and Joanna Hillman.

This time its all about the cool stylings of Annie Georgia. I may have chosen her because I've had New York on the mind. I'm  leaving for New York in about two weeks - Can't Wait!  It could be because I love reading Refinery29 or it could be because I came across  the above photo on pinterest this past weekend. Really I think it was all three.

Seriously, she can pull off a white short suit?  Yes, she can. 
 “At Refinery29, I’m responsible for all of the New York newsletters that go out everyday. Gosh, it’s so nerve-wracking, once it’s up, even after there’s nothing else I can really do, I still click through it probably four or five times. I also put up seven to nine stories per day on the New York channel. If I don’t write them I edit them, just making sure it’s a good mix of beauty and fashion and keeping it local and in our voice. It’s different everyday and that’s totally fun.” - via theformulablog

This is exactly how I feel after I publish a blog post or really write anything.. an email, a blog post or any kind of text that goes public. It's a little freak out, but I do have an edit button to save me. I guess I'm a little luckier in then AG. 

 Not many ladies can make the Beetle Juice look good. Her smile makes it seem like she's pulling one over on us. Well played, Annie Georgia. 

A New York girl knows how to layer it up. She works the boyfriend blazer and the chunky heeled booties.  

It was fun looking for street style looks of Annie Georgia. It totally made sense that the Refinery29 New York Editor would have fun with fashion. When you get your next NYC Refinery29 Newsletter now you know who the stylish lady is behind it. 

Profile on Refinery29
Twitter: @anniegeorgia

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glam.spoon said...

That's a very stylish lady! I love Refinery29... thanks for the profile. :)

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