Embrace the Messy: Pop that Collar.

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An untucked shirt and a popped up collar, you must think I have lost my pulse on trends. But let's take a look at how the Messy Preppy is hitting the bloggers catwalk. 

Atlantic Pacific

I personally love how the sweater and pants looks is turned on its head and goes from private school girl to Sex and the City. Believe me, I know the private school look, I went to one. Instead of wearing the skirt I opted for the pants and red sweater... it was cold most of the year, pants was the only choice. It did kind of scarred me though. I spent 4 years in that combo, so I embrace this break of a uniform look.

Uncharted Style

You may be laughing at me because this really isn't a NEW trend. People have been untucking their shirts and popping their collar for years. True. But most of the time I want them to tuck their shirt and fix their collar.. but not this time. These looks play with the sophisticated look and make it look easy. 

The secret is the shirt. 
Too much material and it will be unflattering. You are looking for a form fitting top to bring your messy preppy look together. Here's a few cute options These stood out to me because under any sweater they would still make a statement. 

It is layering season. Have some fun and throw perfect out the window. 

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glam.spoon said...

I love the layers - and with the top button done up, it doesn't look too 80's retro.

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