If You Want to Be Happy On Any Random Day Add This To Your Outfit.

I am a little obsessed with clutches. What? They're more trouble then they are stylish. I beg to differ. 
Sure you have to physically hold it, but when you opt for the shoulder strap you are certainly more weighed down. Because... when there's more room to carry stuff, we all usually take it. I am so guilty of that. A clutch makes you pack the necessities. Therefore, there's room for more of your personality to be displayed. 

A clutch is not an everyday handbag.  It doesn't have to go with you to work. Nope, its all about a special occasion such as an event, a night out with the girls, a night out with your boy, really just any occasion that you feel is a little more special then the everyday.

There are so many clutches out there and you can pick which one speaks to you. 
I've wanted tassel shoes, but I will also love a clutch with a little tassel detail. 




It's true you outfit is never really complete without a handbag. But, its true that it's never really as fun without a clutch.


Anonymous said...

Love these clutches! Your'e so right, they are a good way to reduce what you take with you. I need to add some new ones to my collection

Kathleen of whenjmetk.com

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

I also love clutches, who cares if you have to hold them!? ;)


MizzJ said...

Who doesn't love a fun clutch?? That blue one you chose is really fun - clutches are a great chance to add color! I just find it hard to minimize my life into one, despite my constant dreaming that one day I'll be so self-sufficient that I could just wear one everyday.

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