Let's Poshmark Party It Up : Join My Co-hosts & I For a Winter Essentials Party on 1/31.

Who doesn't love a party? I know I do. You know I do. I dance party on my blog almost every week. Thanks to Poshmark we have another reason to party  and even better you can party with me.. Yes, in real life. A week from today Poshmark, my fellow co-hosts and I invite you to mingle, drink some yummy cocktails and do a little shopping. Don't worry if you can't make it to Hotel 1000 in person, you can still party along by downloading the PoshMark App. 

Now if you don't know what Poshmark is, let me explain. 
It's an app. Once you download it you have access to fashion enthusiasts across the country, who are inviting  you to shop their closet. 

For example, here's my closet. 

You may be asking yourself "Where do I start?" Easy. Download the APP, be sure to use the code "HTSBE" to get a $5 credit. Follow some of your friends through Facebook or Twitter. Take part in some of the Posh Parties, they are our virtual, real-time shopping events dedicated to buying and selling under a specific theme or brand. So if Chanel is your weakness or you're on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket or your next party dress, you can join thousands of women on your iphone and have plenty of fashion fun!

So, if you're in the Seattle area, I hope to see you on the 31st.  Please RSVP to rsvp@poshmark.com. If you're not, make sure to tune in during that time to get in on the virtual (DANCE) party.



Maria said...

Can't wait to finally meet you and Posh Party it up, Alix! Time to go raid your closet. ;)


AlixRose said...

Maria, I definitely have to do that. Looking forward to meeting you in person.

Amanda Weiss said...

Loving what is in your closet so far! Can't wait to Posh Party it up with you and meet you in real life!!


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