Resolution Challenge: Yup, I Get Real. What I've Learned About Myself.

My Me Time Has Be Redefined. 

I am a self admitted Television addict. I love my television shows. I stream everything. I look forward to the couch and remote after my hour long commute. Even though I love it, I knew I could do more for myself with that time. 

I kicked off this year challenging myself in a whole different way. It wasn't about losing weight, it was about finding the healthy me. I am currently on the last few days of my For the Glow Detox. It's a healthy meal plan that consists of enriching food. I wanted to find the healthy me. I just didn't realize that being healthy wasn't about food, it can start with food but I've found it affecting all aspects of my life.

(L) My mess turned into Breakfast, Snack and Lunch. (R) No popcorn for me. I took my detox approved meal to the movies. 

My me time is no longer about L&O SVU Marathons. I've taken that time and started thinking about what I am eating and in the process found out a lot about myself. 

1) I like spending time in the kitchen. 
- I make a complete mess and my fridge is a little bit of  a mess, but nothing feels better then cleaning up a kitchen after making dinner, as well as my breakfast and lunch for the next day. 

2) My will power is so much stronger then I gave it credit.
-  Not cheating on my detox around some of my favorite food was hard at first, but I learned to say NO. The first no was the hardest, but after that it got easier.

3) Patience.
- Jenn had told us that this first phase of the Resolution Challenge wasn't about weight loss. Of course I want to lose weight, but this is teaching me patience. You can't just drop weight, you need to work for it. I haven't put my work in...yet.  

I'm only a week into the month long Resolution Challenge process. I'm in no way near perfect and thankful that I still have a few weeks with For the Glow to really make this a part of my lifestyle. 

If you have the opportunity to do something like this, I highly recommend it. If you are in Seattle.. you do. 

Seattle Readers: For The Glow is holding a Weekend Intensive Feb 23 & 24th. 
This will be the perfect opportunity to give yourself a kick in the rear and make the best of the New Year. 

Friday, February 22nd // The Superfood Sessions @ The Veggie Grill // 7-8:30p
Official launch party and nutrition workshop. (Dinner included)
Morning Classes 7:30-9:30a // Supermodel Sculpt
Morning classes will feature a fusion of "high" epic cardio, targeted circuit training, and mat-based sculpting. You will wake up muscles that you didn't even know existed, and chisel away at trouble zones! Gear needed: Yoga mat, 3lb weights, 1-2lb ankle weights (optional, but required for advanced students).
Evening Classes 5-7p // Superhero Strength
Evening classes will feature an assortment of athletic conditioning, but all with the signature Glow approach. We'll sweat through timed challenges, circuits, and cross-training movements, all designed for the female physique. You'll leave this class knowing exactly what you're capable of. Gear needed: Yoga mat, towel, 3-5lb weights. 

Find out more about the intensive and Join me. HERE


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Anisa G. said...

very proud of you sweets. We deserve it! Cheering you on from here.

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