Trends: The You Complete Me Combo.

You may think that it's winter and a coat is a coat. As long as it keeps you warm it doesn't matter what length, what color it is or how you wear it. Oh goodness, I hope you don't think that. It's no secret that I have a love of coats. I post about them often. I am currently wearing this coat to death. But my favorite look right now is a long coat and skinny jeans. The cool thing about this look is that its so versatile that it doesn't matter if your a lady who lives in heels, tennis shoes, flats or wedges. When you put your look together - Coat, Jeans and Shoes - You have the Complete Combo. 

Tennis shoes.

It's funny that these two looks have leopard print in it. It could be me. You know I love my leopard print.
But they really couldn't be more different. The first look is subtle in its edge, the second look is all out. You make your look.


This is my look of choice. The ankle wedge takes me everywhere, all day. Ok, I might add a leopard print scarf, some large rings and red lipstick to this look. See you can always make it your own. 


You definitely stand in a different way when you wear them. It doesn't matter if its a pump or  heeled boots. As a petite lady its a little easier to wear a long coat with heels. It gives you that length that you necessarily wouldn't have with flats.

Speaking of Flats.

I rarely wear flats, but I never cancel out any style. I mean take a look at how Sincerely Jules works it. 

Now you may be asking yourself, how does this qualify as a complete me combo. Ok, it may just be me. But when I put on my favorite coat, with my favorite skinny jeans and my wedge booties I feel complete and ready to head out for the day. Don't you?

So this combo completes me. 

photos source: tumblr


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