Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference 1st Day: Style, Information, Inspiring, Fun.

 My eyes want to close so badly right now, but I can't complain. I really had the best day due to the amazing event IFB put together. The panels were informative, stylish and motivating. I literally spent the whole day, listening to some of my favorite bloggers give their insight, meeting new bloggers and doing some great style watching.

 I've been lucky enough to attend the first bloggers conference in 2009 and here I am in 2013 doing it all again. This made me realize that I've had a blog for almost 5 years. Wow!

Here's my blogging bestie Fresh Jess getting work done. I've been so fortunate to have a stylish chick, who knows how to have fun and get work done by my side here. 

It's not all work. There were some breaks where we were able to channel our silly side. 

I've been lucky to know Jennine, the Coveted for a few years. It's been amazing to see how she's been able to grow IFB into one of the must go to events of Fashion Week. Congrats Jennine on another conference.

One of the best parts of this time is seeing the Northwest represented in a stylish way. We're so happy to have Andrea @SkinnyPurse and Sydney @GossipGlamour share in this experience with us. Also, they had just gotten into NYC this morning. How do they look so great?

What I wore: Obligatory Outfit Part of the Post. 
These outfits couldn't be more different, but really they're too much alike.

I did a funkier take on my everyday uniform. I brightened it up with the bright blue platform wedges and Bar 111 mustard sheer tank. My favorite part of this outfit were the HotSox leggings. They were my funky flavor piece.

The after party was thrown at the trendy WHotel. I had to head home and recharge my phone and my body after the all day conference before the party. So, I decided to take the opportunity to change. I went from a Bar 111 tank to a Bar 111 blazer- see the outfit is a lot like my day look.

It was a successful first day and the great thing is that I get to do it all over again tomorrow. 
Remember you can find real time update at @alixrose
And photos at my fashion page ALIXROSE


Amanda Weiss said...

Such a great recap! I am so glad we had the chance to hang out with you gals, Maria and I miss you so much already!

Come to SF soon!!

<3 Amanda

Jass Saini said...

wow....love that shoes...they are really nice..where did you bought them?

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