Rihanna's Collection for River Island: Will Anyone Besides Rihanna Wear It?

posted on: 2/18/13

Well, its another celebrity line..they're popping up all over the place now. Rihanna showcased her collaboration with River Island at London Fashion Week.

The singer said of her designs, “It’s a lot of me. I’m being very selfish, I designed every piece so I that can wear it. I think my fans trust my style and I think they’ll have fun.” 

As you can see the line has RiRi written all over it. She's worn a mix of these outfits for the past few years. So it's not anything fashion forward, its really just a way to dress like Rihanna.

Don't get me wrong, I've always admire Rihanna for having her own style. I admire anyone who lives out of the box. But, really this look isn't for me. The only piece that I thought, I could wear those, were the printed jeans. But I don't have to pay in pounds to get a RiRi look. Will you?

Her collection debuts March 5th. 


Amanda Winters said...

I wouldn't wear it. Most of it looks trashy to me.