What Everyone in NYC is Wearing: Trending, but Really Necessity.

Of course, I have a must have shopping list a mile long for New York City. Because if you don't then why are you in New York? I have been on the hat hunt for awhile, but I have a new motto when it comes to shopping - If you don't want to wear it out of the shop then don't buy it. So, so far I haven't been knocked on my feet.

Then I get off the plane in NYC and everyone is wearing a hat. You kind of have to here. It was snowing when I got off the plane. So, my fashion crave went from being I need to get one soon, to I want a cool hat now. There has to be amazing ones here, I really don't hope I have to steal one off someone's head.

So, I am on the hunt. If I don't find one by the time I have to head home, then I am extending my ticket.

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Ashley Torres said...

Definitely packing my floppy hat for NYFW. The only problem is hat head... I feel like once I put it on, I can't take it off! #fashiongirlproblems :)