Work Should Always Be Mixed with Play.

Well, if I am honest (and I always am on the blog) this trip to New York City was a lot of play. 

Taking notes on my Surface during the conference and mingling with bloggers at the Poshmark Happy Hour. 

I know, I know. IFB day 2 was more than a week ago. But life has been out of my control lately. I wasn't able to jump back into the swing of things once I got off the plane in Seattle. But I did want to still highlight one of the fun few days I've had so far this year. 

Independent Fashion Bloggers conference for me is a lot about meeting other bloggers. But also about being introduced to new platforms and walking away with some information that can help me refocus my blogs direction. I was able to mingle with bloggers that I admire, take notes thanks to the power and sleekness of my Surface.

What I walked away with – Is that I love what I do. It’s not my job, but it is a passion that I have consciously decided to make a part of my life. 

Now for the play.
I've been fortunate enough to be able to make my way to NYC at least once a year, but it's usually with a full agenda. This time Jess and I decided to spend the weekend in Brooklyn. There may have been a blizzard, but that doesn't stop NY. I certainly made the most of it. We headed to the Brooklyn Flea Market, Beacon's Closet and of course a coffee shop. Yes, shoes were ruined because of snow and salt, but it was worth it.

My week was some work and some play... but that's what makes life worth it..if you do it right. 

Were you at Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference?

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