Oh, Don't Leave the House Just Yet, Dressing Up Your Clothes Is the Best Part.

If you're like me, you don't know what you're going to wear until you actually put it on. I imagine outfits, but I never leave the house until I've tried on at least 4 different variations. But it never ends just there... nope. After you have the clothes part of your outfit down, its time to accessorize. I really think its the best part. This Grazia Spain editorial perfectly showcases how the right necklace, sunglasses, bracelets or clutch can make an outfit.

So, when you think you're ready to leave the house don't forget to dress up your outfit. 



Anonymous said...

Agreed, accessories make the look! I'm a big fan of simple staples paired with some good sparkle.

LRB said...

Great looks, accessories are the key to looking & feeling good.



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