3 Ways to Rock A Sequin Skirt

I am such a complainer. I'm not usually like this, but with a brother on vacation in Mexico and a few text messages with my BFF about how we deserve to go on vacation too... I can't stop complaining about how spring or summer will never get here. Just to let you know I may complain, but I always do something about it. So, I bought a sequin skirt off of PoshMark.

Totally the right thing to do, right?

The anticipation for it to arrive is killing me. But it also gives me some time to think about how exactly I will wear it. Here are 3 different ways I will definitely be sporting this sparkly little piece.


Dinner date, special event, dress up for work day... yup the skirt can work it all. 

Jessica Szohr

A brunch date, a happy hour, blogging at the coffee shop or just because I want to wear sequins today look. 

Sincerely Jules

My jean jacket is worn to death in the summer months, so I foresee this being a sunny day uniform.

I'm going to have a lot of fun with my latest Poshmark purchase.
If you don't know what Poshmark is, I suggest downloading it. Be sure to use my code "HTSBE" so you can get a $5 credit. 

Now where's that sun, I want to wear my new skirt. 


Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

I love that skirt and can't wait to see you rock it! I love you plans for how to style it, too!

Unknown said...

Omg. That skirt is everything. I can't wait to see you rock it! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!


Emily | Sparkle Meets Pop said...

I love it! I'm always glad to see sequins in play during the day.

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Very nice. I've always wanted a sequined skirt. I think a casual top is the best way of styling it. But that's just my opinion.
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