Trends: Even Your 8 Year Old Self Would Wear These, But She Also Wasn't Afraid to Take Risks.

Remember when we used to climb trees or run so fast that we would run our jeans into the ground? Then we would wear those same jeans everyday until they fell apart. They were comfortable, they looked good and more importantly they were our favorite things to wear.
It's really too bad I didn't keep any of those jeans, not that I would fit them anyways. I'm just saying I never thought I would be paying for ripped jeans. Yes, you can DIY them, but who really has time for that? Probably only people who can manage their time better than I can.. as in.. not addicted to television and Poshmark.

But all of this has nothing to do with this blog post.
I think it's important to channel your inner kid, not only the fun free spirit of that 8 year old you once were, but in some cases even the fashion sense.

Seriously, your 8 year old self would have loved these jeans.

No need to go crazy with the rips. It's still biting cold outside and just a sliver of your knee can make you freeze. So keep it simple, keep warm.. just look cool.

It's going to start getting warm outside, so layer up, but rip it up too. This may seem a little all over the place, but a relaxed look brings it all together.

I am a blazer girl. I wear them on the daily, so knowing that a little rip it up fun can be turned into a present stylish look with one of my favorite pieces ... well it does my fashion style good.

Didn't you have a pair of jeans that you wanted to wear everyday? Maybe you still do! 

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Anonymous said...

I think it's actually really hard to distress jeans yourself. I tried to do it once and ended up with two slits at the knees and thread clumps dangling. It's harder than it looks!

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