Uniqlo + Celia Birtwell Collaboration : Does This Make Anyone Else Want to Have A Slumber Party?

When I first saw the collaboration I was excited. Yes, prints prints prints! I wanted to dress myself up in it and live happily forever.

 How cute are these dresses? Can't you picture yourself going to the farmer's market in these? The breeze of the spring day giving the dress just enough movement to make it seem like you're in a movie.

Then I saw the rest of the collection. The only thoughts that entered my mind was pillow fight and ice cream sundaes. These were made for a stylish slumber party. Don't these ladies like they're about to pick a chick flick and watch it while eating rocky road ice cream?

It could be the cropped pants. It could be the t-shirt dresses. It could be for the fact that I only wear this amount of prints to bed.  Really, it might be all of this.

What have we learned? That Uniqlo + Celia Birtwell's collection can take you from the farmer's market to bed. No need to change. You know we all have days like that, now you know what to wear.


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