What I Wore This Weekend: Broke Out Some Of My Fave Finds From NYC!

It's fun to dress up and that's exactly what I did on Friday. I attended a birthday which gave me a perfect reason to break out the new dress, shoes and coat I picked up on my trip.

Silence + Noise dress, looks like leather, but its not. Shoes are from Shoe Mint. I wore them for the first time on Friday. I walked out of my apartment, into the elevator and the guy in the elevator complimented me on my shoes. I love them, so it made me happy that others liked them too.

 My friends referred to this Topshop coat as my cookie monster coat. I took it as a compliment. They also couldn't keep their hands off it. I don't blame them, its so soft. This coat also has a built in cool factor, not because I'm wearing it, but because Evan Rachel Wood wore this coat in a movie.. this same coat, not a coat like it, but this actual coat.

I had a lot of fun and it had a lot to do with my new clothes. It's awesome how a new piece of clothing can make a girls night. Thanks to Bollare for my shoes. I know I'm going to wear these to death. I found my dress at Beacon's closet and thank you to my friend David for having cash so I could bring this awesome coat home with me.

What did you dress up in this weekend?  



Trendy Mondays said...

What a fun outfit! Love your coat!

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Unknown said...

Really fun outfit. Looks very NY. :)

Emily | Sparkle Meets Pop said...

I've been eyeing those ShoeMint shoes! Really making me want to snag them...

AlixRose said...

Trendy Moondays - Thank you so much.
Ali Cat - I got all of it from NY. so that makes sense. ;)
Emily - You have to, I love them.

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