Why I've Decided to Say Goodbye to My Bangs.

When I started going back looking for pictures to show how long I've had bangs, I got a shock. I didn't realize that I've been rocking bangs for more than 5 years. I could have sworn that it had only been for 3 years. They've been a good friend of mine. Ladies with bangs, you know how handy they come in when you haven't had a chance to wax your eyebrows. In reality, that will be what I will miss the most.

What I've learned from my bangs?
I didn't know they were so versatile. I swear I've had them styled a million different ways... thick bangs, wispy, blunt, layered, above the eyebrows... really the list can go on.
They fit my personality in a way I didn't really give them credit for. On my busy days, they were pushed to the side. On my down to business days, they were styled to sit right across my eyebrows. On my carefree weekends I pushed them around in that I don't care, but I really do care style.
Bangs do change your face.

If I love them so much, WHY am I getting rid of them and not marrying them? 
We all need change. It's been 5 years!
I am not really that adventurous when it comes to my hair. Yes, I cut it. But that's about all I do.
That may change this month - but that's another blog post.

So, I am a few weeks into my growing bangs project. I got over the "this is driving me crazy" hump and into "this just may work" phase. I am not completely sold, but I am waiting it out.

The best thing - If I don't like it. It will just take a few snips to bring me back to bangville. 



arianna said...

Good luck! I recently got rid of mine after 5 years after looking back at photos and realizing that it made me look realllllly young. (since I have curly hair too!)

Glad you're over the "this is driving me crazy phase!"

glam.spoon said...

can't wait to see where you go with your hair. I'm in the same boat right now - to grow or not to grow.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

I got a feeling you're gonna ROCK the new style. And like you said, all it will take is a few snips to return to your signature look if need be. Happy Friday girl! :-)

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

You look great with bangs. I look do not like bangs on me - learned that from so many mistakes.

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