3 Reasons Why the Cutout Trend Should Be Your Current Crush.

Ladies, ladies, ladies...  It's time to take the cutout trend seriously. It's getting a little warmer outside and that gives us a great reason to be a little daring. Here are 3 reasons why I am crushing on this trend right now:

1.The saying " less is more" really means something. Cutouts do come in different shape and sizes. A little cutout at the sides or a large heart cutout on the back of a dress. So, you can find the perfect cutout for you.

2. Not embarrassed to wear this around your Mama. You will notice that the styles above aren't what you would consider - inappropriate or too revealing. So you wouldn't be pushing the envelope too much with  this style. Of, course you can always add a fitted blazer to your outfit. No need to get glares from Grandma.

3. Element of surprise. It's pretty easy to add a little surprise to your outfit if you're Lady Gaga. But, for the rest of us, its not always as easy. So, this trend gives us a little bit of surprise to play with... no need to look for a dress made out of meat.

Nasty Gal has some very cool cutout dresses. 

PS. Why do I always want to do Uncle Joey's "Cut It Out" whenever I say Cutout out loud.  

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