Glasses Are No Longer A Trend, They're Now A Style Staple : BonLook Will Help You Find Your Look.

The glasses trend has been on the stylish calendar for quite a long time. Could it be that it's not considered a trend and now a realized staple?  I'm all for it. But this means something has to change.

Sorry folks, but wearing glasses when you don't have to wear glasses to see isn't considered pushing your style boundaries anymore. A lot of people are doing it, so it's time to shake it up.

But how? Glasses are expensive.
This is where BonLook comes in. We all want to have a little fun, but not break our bank.
How does $99 sound?  It won't break the bank and for less than it costs for a pair of jeans it can change your whole style. Accessories usually add to your look, but glasses have this uncanny way of making the look.

But how do you know what glasses to choose?
You just answer some simple questions. A stylist then emails you with a video explaining her picks for you. This really helped me to step outside of my box.

When I received my email I was happy to see that a few of these were styles would never been on my list. Not because I don't like them, but because I didn't know if they would have fit my face. The virtual stylists helped me to be comfortable in the risk.

Are you a fan of glasses? Then you'll be a fan of BonLook. A great quality pair of glasses that was hand picked for you by a real person. What more could you ask for?



Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen said...

Oh they look fabulous on you!

Raffles Bizarre said...

You look amazing in these!


London Escorts said...

You look great....amazing style and nice outfit!

Safdar said...

You look great. So lovely style. I like it.

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