How to Wear a Fringe Skirt Any Day of the Week.

Fringe Skirt, The Everyday Look.

I bought a fringe skirt on Sunday. This may seem like an out of the blue choice, but fringe has been on my mind for the past few weeks. I bought a fringe top from Nasty Gal the week before, more on that later. So, now that I'm getting my skirt in the mail in a few days, I'm dreaming up of ways to wear it.

I don't want it sitting in the closet. Here are a few looks that can take fringe into everyday.

Let the fringe do the talking. A simple t-shirt and funky sandals can compliment the skirt, so it doesn't scream look at me. It makes it a, heading to the coffee shop, casual but complete look. 

The "You Didn't Expect That" Look. Blazers are a staple in my closet and will no doubt be paired with my future fringe, but wedge sneakers. I do own a pair. I do love them, but I'm going to have to try the look before I walk out the door.  What do you think?

This reminds me to have fun with it. I love that she went for it, as we all should do. Even though I admire her style, I would take off the jean vest and the flower headband. That would be more me. 

Back to business. This looks can take you from business to cocktails. Honestly, not many looks can do that. The crisp white against the black skirt is a classic look, its not until you move does the fringe show its fun.

I can't wait to have some fun with the fringetastic piece. Will you be adding fringe to your style? 

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