A Moment For You: Häagen-Dazs and I Want You To Live It Up Now.

Have you been able to take a moment for you in the past few months, in the past few weeks, in the past week, yesterday, or even a 10 minute break today? I wouldn't be surprised if you said No to all of these. I know how it is to be on the go go go.. all of the time. It's hard to turn off the mind even when we step away from work. It's probably been a few months since I've been able to really feel like I had a moment to relax.

Once again Haagen Dazs knows just what I need before I do. Last year, I was honored to be the fashion influencer for their Summer Moments Campaign. It helped me to remember to take a moment from whatever I was doing and appreciate it. I look back on those captured hashtagged moments from last summer and smile.

This spring Haagen Dazs has asked me to be their fashion influencer for their newest campaign, Moments for Me.

To kick it off they sent me 3 of their new Gelato flavors, limoncello, sea salt caramel and black cherry amaretto. You're probably thinking that I devoured these the day I got them. I was tempted, but I wanted to really take a moment for me and enjoy them. I didn't want to rush it like I do everything else in my life.

So, this totally started making me think about how I wanted to make sure I take a few moment for me, just me, where there's no phone in my hand, no computer in front of me and maybe no television too...  I don't know about that last one yet.

What would you do with a moment for yourself? 

These are some of the ideas that I want to make time for.
Floating in Water. I have a pool in my apartment and I never use it. I need to change that.
Hiking. It was one of my fave things from last summer and I will make that happen again.
Bathtub journaling. I've never done that, but it looks absolutely perfect in this photo. To new things.
Brunch with girlfriends. So, this is with another person, but catching up with friends is good for the soul.
Reading. Whether if its in a library, a coffee shop or in my apartment.. I need to make time for this.
Shopping. I've been an online shopper, but I miss the fun of spending an hour or two in thick of it.

Take a moment for you and when you do, share it with me.
Tweet me at @alixrose and use the hashtag #HDMoment

Find out more about 'Moment for Me' at Haagen Dazs



Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Lucky you. I can eat Haagen Daz all day. Did not know they made Gelato - and I'll start looking for it at stores.

WendyB said...

I want to float in a poooooool. NOW.

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