Leather Jacket & Maxi Dresses, the Perfect Outfit for Cool Spring Nights.

Leather Jacket & Maxi Dresses : Cool Nights Fashion

What do you wear on a cool spring evening? The sun is shining bright, you have dinner plans and all you want to do is wear a dress. But, its too cold. That's where maxi dresses come into play. You can wear the dress and still keep your legs warm. Perfect. They also have this built in fashionable element that I love to compliment with a leather jacket. 

Bar 111 striped dress, H&M leather jacket, Sole Society Shoes

A leather jacket and a maxi dress are a lot alike. They can both be played up and down depending on what items you pair them with. For a cool spring evening, the leather jacket definitely calls for some heels and a textured clutch. 

But there are many different ways to work the look, here are some other inspirational outfits. 
ElbowsandKnees, Nurby

Let's be honest, the sun may be here, but right before the sunsets it gets really cold. That doesn't mean you have to put the dress away, just add a leather jacket. 

Where you can find the items above. 


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miss esta said...

Love this combo! I'll be on the hunt for some cute maxi dresses. Where do you usually find yours? I'm only 5 ft tall.


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