Anchors DOWN. No Boat Required.

So, I don't own a boat. Yup, I come to this stark reality every summer. But just because I don’t have a yacht to spend my summer days on, doesn't mean I can’t indulge in the nautical.

Today, I'm all about anchors. They're known for being a casual summer style staple. There's nothing effortlessly cooler than throwing on a anchor top with a pair of distressed jean shorts for a sunny summer day.

I love my distressed shorts, the truth is  you can't wear those to the office. Yes, I wish I could too. 

So, I thought I would share some looks to inspire you on how to dress up the relaxed. 

Yes, you can even wear an anchor print to work. 
Say What? 

It can be as easy as switching out your shorts for a maxi skirt, colorful pants, or dressy shorts. 
Or you can step up your anchor game. 

There's so many fun options such as a fitted blazer, sequins or a classic sweater.  

You can still channel your summer boat dreams and enjoy it off land. 

So, anchors down.. no boat required. 


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Christi Sandvick said...

Hi Alixrose!

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Thank you,

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