Flower Print Heels. How You Can Wear Them For Work & Play!

What happens when you have to work from home for the weekend? You do some online shopping. This weekend it was all about shoes. I may have purchased 4 pairs of shoes on Saturday. Yup, this girl has a problem. But my motto is to never buy something just to buy. So, I really needed these shoes. 

The ones I am most anxious to receive in the mail are my Rachel Roy flower print heels. Funny enough, I've never had flower print heels. Say WHAT? I know. That's why I couldn't click away from these babies. So, while I wait for these amazing 4 inch heels to come in the mail, I am couldn't help but think of ways a million ways I will want to wear them.

I usually like to spend hours on pinterest getting inspired by some of the looks I find there, but I really couldn't find any photos of bloggers wearing flower print heels. It could be the pinterest filter, but all I kept seeing were photos of flower print pants. Totally not what I was looking for. Love flower print pants, but I'm all about the shoes right now.

So, I decided to put together a little collage of how I will want to wear them. It maybe hard to believe, but flower print heels are very versatile. Yes, they do great for the classic work look. A pair of skinny white jeans with a bright top will make those shoes pop. Also, skinny jeans are my favorite thing with pointy heels. It just gives this whole sophisticated look.

But, why only wear them to work? How about during the weekend - brunch, happy hour, bbq.. these are events where your flower power shoes will make a statement. This also gives you the opportunity to shake up your straight laced work look. The distressed jean shorts are so in right now and these heels would be the perfect way to polish up the edgy shorts.

I can't wait to get my shoes and I hope you are starting to think that you may want some awesome flower print heels. I will be sure to share how I will dress them up for work and play in the coming weeks.

Flower power! 

Items from collage. 

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Bridgid Gallagher said...

Cuuute! I love flower print heels! I've been drooling over these lately: http://pinterest.com/pin/162692605260940712/. *sigh* So dreamy. :)

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