I'm Not A Model, But Miranda Kerr and I Have A Lot In Common.

It's true, I'm no model..... I barely even post outfit photos on this blog or on my instagram, but Miranda Kerr and I have a lot in common. Besides our mutual love for Orlando Bloom, I will always have a soft spot for that elf, we also love jean jackets. 

I mean like really love them. 

I think every girl has more than one in her closet. We know Miranda does, that's another thing we have in common because I have a few hanging in my closet too. 

They really do go with almost everything, jeans, dresses, colored pants, skirts and even leggings.

But jean jackets can go out of style. That's my dilemma right now. It may sound silly, but my jackets don't fit my style anymore.  I put them on to only take them right off again. So, the hunt for the perfect jean jacket for this summer is on. 

Blue Jean Baby.

Rag & Bone jean jacket / Hudson Jeans denim jacket / Madewell jacket / Madewell jacket

Jean jackets may all be made of denim, but the wash, the length of the sleeves, the place of the buttons and pockets can really change up the style. A girl really has to find the right one for her.

I just hope I can find one before summer is over. 

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