What Are You Doing Friday Night? Make It A Perfect Night In with Just 3 Things.

Let's be real, by the time Wednesday comes around we are already making plans or have plans for Friday. But sometimes the last thing we want to do after a long week is go out. I have to admit, trying to balance work, blog work and a personal life during the week can be exhausting. The only thing I really want to do on a Friday night is put on some fun pajamas, turn on a movie and eat some gelato. The thing this time of year you don't really have the time to relax and take a moment for you. 

But this made me realize its OK to say No to going out. It's OK to let your friends go party without you. You maybe missing out on some fun, but fun doesn't all have the same formula. 

Last Friday I decided to listen to my body and stay home. These 3 things helped me have a great Friday night and this is how you can too. 

Oh so fun pjs. 

It doesn't matter if you're by yourself in your pjs, your clothes always make you feel better. So, really you can still dress up (down) even if you're not out in the club. Pajamas are so cute and on trend these days. This really is the epitome of dressing for you. I'm loving the polka dot and stripe styles these days. 

Forget the popcorn, its all about the gelato. Even though I am staying home it doesn't mean I should be asleep by 8pm. So, I thought the new Cappuccino Gelato flavor from Haagen Dazs would be the perfect thing for not only taste, but a little jolt of coffee without the coffee.

Also, a friday night calls for a good movie. Thanks to Haagen Dazs for sending me these 3 awesome movies. It was really hard to choose what to watch that I asked my twitter followers and my instagram friends. They all voted on Clueless, a great choice.

Even though I didn't go out and party with my friends. I still had a great relaxing night in. 
So, what will you be doing on Friday night? 


Unknown said...

great options thanks. i have my evening dress ready in ma wardrobe.


Rita F. Carlucci said...

I love polkas too!

bridge buddy said...

Very fun! I found your blog while reading:

Keep up the great work. I've just jumped into blogging myself...

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