What Would You Wear On Your Birthday?

A maxi dress and a neon skirt, of course I would wear these on my birthday. I usually go buy something new, but this time I didn't have a chance. Thankfully, I had some recent purchases from Poshmark sitting in my closet.

Seattle was gorgeous on Saturday, not too hot and definitely not cold. It was the perfect weather for this Jessica Simpson maxi dress. I had brunch with my family at the Pike Place Market. This printed dress made me feel girly and pretty, two things every girl should feel on her birthday.

Outfit change. Well, why wouldn't I?
I didn't really have anything concrete planned. Just dinner on the hill and some karaoke. I decided a neon skirt was the perfect statement skirt to take me through the night.

Needless to say, I had a great night.
What I can say, is that what I wore for my birthday is definitely an indicator of what this year is going to bring style wise. Fun, fun, fun!


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