You've Never Done Vegas Like This Before:

Anticipation. I have been anticipating this girl's trip for months. It's funny how all of a sudden it sneaks up on you and this Vegas trip really snuck up on me. Fortunately, I've been to Vegas a few times, but I've never done it like this.

Naps, I took a lot of naps. You don't usually do that on a Vegas trip. But, this girl's trip was more than just about dancing all night long - we did dance though.  It was really about taking a moment out of our fast paced lives for ourselves and have some quality time with each other.

You know I've been working with Haagen Dazs on their latest campaign "A Moment for Me." I definitely made an effort to make sure that this trip was not the average party all night in Vegas trip.

1. The Aces.The most important part was going with great friends, who wanted the same kind of experience you did. We are all always on the go - so it was about relaxing and sun.

2. Where you stay. My friend Carrie was awesome and opened up her home to us. So, we were off the strip and got to enjoy our lazy days by her pool.

3. Activities. Of course we went out dancing, we had to Diplo was playing. But we also went hiking, went shopping, explored old Vegas and ate off the strip.

4. You time. When you're with a group, sometimes you have to do what the group wants. But I was still able to take naps, read all of the magazines I wanted, work on my computer and watch the Billboard Music awards.

All of this resulted in a great time and I came home refreshed instead of exhausted. 
I've never done Vegas like this before. But it was exactly the experience I wanted, "A Moment for Me" kind of experience. 

Are you going on a girl's trip this summer? 

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