All My Petite Ladies: My 6 Top Picks from Topshop Petites!

It may come as a surprise, but I am petite. In other words, I usually need help when trying to reach glassess on the top shelf, I rarely wear flats, I have to hem most pants and dresses. 

So, it's always nice to come across petite options 
Here are 6 of my favorite pieces from Topshop's Petite department. 

Crop tops. dresses, fringe, neon and jumpsuits... you can really find it all here. Now, who wants to shop? 


(Anna) la mode said...

You know what's crazy, I have yet to buy anything fromTop Shop!!! So shameful. Love your picks! I really like the neon skirt, the romper (I love rompers!!!), and the fringe top. The colors and the pattern are so pretty. I'm going to start shopping Top Shop now : )


Constance Murphy said...

Great pieces! I like them all, especially the 4th one ♥



Love your picks, especially the dresses are gorgeous!


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Cafe Fashionista said...

Swoon! The romper and the fringe shirt are totally calling my name right now!

P.S. I hear you on the orange front. I'm not usually a fan, but this season I am OBSESSED! :)

Unknown said...

I expected this top to be just awful especially buying without trying it on. I was so wrong. This is one of my favorites. I love to buy Authentic Pigment 1976 Tank

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