An Exercise Plan That Includes Champagne? Well, This One Kinda Does!

So, you should never say YES to anything until you've read the fine print. But there's those moments in life where you know saying Yes will be the best thing for you and you dont even have to know the details. About 10 days ago, that was the deal for me.

If you follow me on twitter, instagram, facebook you know that I have been working with Jenn from For the Glow on and off for almost a year. But and there's a but - I have a very active social life that often involves food. This has been my constant struggle. I've told Jenn that I love my brunches, my coffee dates, my happy hours and indulging when I attend events.

So, she's come up with a plan. I said Yes to this plan before I knew what it was. I'm so glad I did. 
She told me that instead of throwing in the towel on weeks where I have events that I can't miss. She wants me to go to these happy hours, have those coffee dates and not feel any guilt when I attend these events because over the next 30 days I am going to commit to working out with her for an hour every morning. 

The Goal. 

Proving that with consistent workouts and a few superfood staples, you can live it up and still achieve results. 

I have to note. I am not a bad eater. I don't do fast food. I make healthy choices when possible. I usually start my day with a green smoothie and try my best to eat healthy when I don't have another food commitment. My main vice is my Coca Cola. The biggest thing is going to be exercising everyday. But I am ready. 

I will be updating on progress, but I will be using the hashtag #ARGlow30 on twitter and instagram for real time progress. 



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