Help Me Decide. Pulling the Trigger on a Crossbody Handbag.

Does a crossbody handbag go with everything in your closet? I'm starting to think that it does.

I've wanted one for awhile. So, what keeps stopping me? Is it the right color? Will it go with my outfits? All of them?  I know I will be practically married to it. It's that time of year where you don't have to carry an umbrella, an extra sweater, your lunch.. it's summer. You want to be light and carefree.

You want a small purse that you can fit your sunglasses, your phone, your lipstick and your bank card.
You don't need a coat.. its summer. You don't need an umbrella.. its summer. You don't need to pack a lunch.. meet your friends, its summer.

And as you can see.. from dress to jeans the crossbody has you covered. 

Now the major decision is .. which one? 

Here's the top two on my list. 

Is it any surprise that its neon? It shouldn't be. Which one would you bring home? 


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

The last one. By Tory Burch. Love the neon, of course. But I think the size and shape looks perfect on YOU. You are petite, and it would look great on your body. Just my opinion.

(Anna) la mode said...

Oooh, such a tough choice! Get both ; ) Hmm, I personally love the Rebecca Minkoff one. I like that it's a little bigger, so you don't have to cram al your stuff into it, the zippers are so fun and edgy. And that color is to die for. But either purse, will be amazing!


Vanessa said...

Amazing post...I really
like your blog.^^
Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
Let me know follow you then back.
Lovely greets Nessa

Natalie said...

That's a tough call. Both are cute. I say yellow!

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