Moment for Me: Proving Yourself Wrong Can Be A Good Thing.

 It's funny how pictures can prove you wrong. I recently wrote an email, where I said I haven't had a moment for myself in a long time. Yesterday, while I was waiting in line I decided to look back through my instagram photos. I almost laughed out loud. It was awesome to see that I've had many great - moments for me this month. It just all depends how you look at it.

Happy Hour with friends. This was a HH long in the making. Yes, I was tired after work, but its amazing how time with friends can bring you a renewed since of energy. This hour turned into 3 in no time.

New rings. Last week, instead of working when I got home, I got on the computer and spent a good hour ordering jewelry. Yes, no work got done.. but, when the package of rings came in the mail I was so excited. What I learned?  Sometimes its ok to not get so directed by work and do something for yourself.

Seattle has been having some gorgeous days. As a girl, who spends most of her day behind a computer - I made myself and really I made myself get out of the house. I had to pretty much say to myself that the work will be there an hour later - the sun may not.

Friday night fun - is a new goal of mine for the summer. I've been exhausted from the week that I pretty much just head home to tie up lose work ends and zone out to a movie. Wow, how lame do I seem? Well this friday night, I went to a friends house for game night. I woke up the next morning with my face hurting from laughing so hard. I really think that I had an extra pep in my step from having such a great time on Friday. 

My family moments are the most important to me. I try to have some meal with them once a week. This is really a moment for me - I don't know I would do without the love of family.

This hair has been a long time in the making. Why do we wait so long to just go for it? We really do worry to much about what people will say. I finally put that aside and did what I wanted. This haircut was scary, but I had to do it for myself and I am so happy that I loved it as much as I thought I was going to.

It's all about perspective and taking a moment to reflect. I've had many moments this past month with others or on my own that really made this a great month. I hope you have to.

If you're not so sure - take a moment to look back through your photos. You may just prove yourself wrong in a good way. 

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