Elephants - From Trendy to Pretty.

You had to see the elephant print style coming. I've always had a special place for the big gentle animals. I just think they're adorable and the print is just as adorable on shorts and shirts.

You may think that elephant print is just a frivolous summer day print, but you can wear it for all kind of occasions.  Yes, even when you have to walk your dog.. right, Olivia?

the fashionalists
Mixing fun vibrant prints for an event. 
the classy turtle
How about Saturday brunch with the ladies?
Well, the colored jeans with a classic top with an elephant print twist.. perfect for work. 

I also fell for these fun elephant tops.


It doesn't really matter what you're dressing up for, the elephant print will take you there in style.

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(Anna) la mode said...

Fun post! I'm going to have to get myself some elephant printed clothing now after reading this : )


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