Flamingos Do Everything Better.

It seems like every spring/summer season we are bombarded with prints, but its the same ones over and over. Yes, you already know flower print and polka dots are all the rage. These two are revived every sunny season and for good reason, they're fabulous. But let's not forget the other prints that are waiting to adorn you.  In effort to expand my repertoire, I've decided to do a series on prints.

First up, FLAMINGOS!  

They're probably already on your radar thanks to the ManRepller Tee. But its not only t-shirts that are sporting the pretty pink bird. Here are 3 easy ways to rock Flamingos into your everyday look.

Alexa Chung and her little Flamingo Clutch

So, you're not sure about flaminogs, you're not ready to take that leap. Well, start with an accessory. It can add a fun expected twist to your look. You don't have to fully commit, but you can still have all of the fun.

Cheetah is the New Black and her Manrepeller Tee. 
 The top. This is a little bit more of a commitment, but a fun way to springify and funify your look. Yes,   I know those aren't real words. But I just made them a little more fun with a twist and that's exactly what you can do with a flamingo printed top.

Now, you have to fully embrace the print in order to take it from head to toe. Lust for life just does that and I love it. When you embrace a print, you really can do no wrong. Go for it.

All Flamingo.

Flamingos really are not only a fun bird - they're pink and they love to socialize. But they can also bring a little fun to your outfit. So, go work it.



glam.spoon said...

never would have guessed it, but I like it too!

WendyB said...

I think I'm going to do it old school and just stand around on one foot :-D

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