Zebra Print Is More Than Just Black & White.

This post was inspired by the zebra print pants I bought at Zara last month. I haven't worn them, the perfect day to rock them just hasn't come along yet.  I wore them!  But my love for them had me thinking about ways I could summerify them or at least bring some zebra print into my look in a summery way. So, wahla... this post on Zebra print was born.

You almost can't tell this is zebra print, but it IS! Love that the print is having a little fun here. I especially love that the the lady is taking it to the next level with a graphic tee and leopard print heels. Now this is fun.

Kate's crop top dabbles in zebra print. It definitely showcases how well it goes with neon. Maybe that's why I am a fan of it?

I would totally wear this to work. Yes, zebra print can be suitable for work. ;) 

If you're more on the traditional side, if there's a traditional side.. you can summerify your blazer with sunnies and bright lipstick. 

But if you dare...

Pumps & Kicks 

The zebra look head to toe.. in the form of a suit.  Hells yes! 

There's so much more to Zebra print than black and white.. all you have to do is add color to make it a fun look for summer.

Check out the 1st edition of the Print Love Series. 


Melissa said...

Awesome pictures! I think the last one (the full zebra jumpsuit) is my favorite - so bold.


lauren, curious constellation said...

You really got a broad spectrum here, brilliant!

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