The Skirt Trend That Isn't a Trend, But Is Super Hot Right Now.

Summer time heat means letting your legs come out to play or at least be a little on display. 
The skater skirt inspired by ice skater dance costumes is the perfect skirt to keep you cool all summer long. We know this is true because this trend has been trending almost every summer season since the 80's. So, work those legs. 

The wonderful thing about this style of skirt is that it comes in all different types of prints, colors and lengths. Every girl can rock a skater skirt and have a style all their own.

Many of these are on the girly side, my preferred side, but you can work these into your every day looks.


aubrey said...

I love this look but am convinced that I can't pull it off. I would pay you money to prove me otherwise. <3

L.T. said...

Love this chic classy look


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