These Winter Heels Will Make Your Summer!

I love leopard print. I've been happily wearing my leopard print heels all winter long. But can mohair textured leopard print heels still be stylish in the warmer months? Just take a look at some of the ways you can take your favorite heels into the summer.

This is by far my favorite combination. It's also something you've probably already been doing. Leopard print heels is fun to throw on with a night on the town dress. They can do the same for a day out on the town dress.

This isn't so out of your box either, but instead of the usual sweater you pair with your boyfriend jeans, reach for a fun summer vibrant print.

It's all about color. You don't have to stick to the palette of colors leopard print offers. Actually I love it for how well it goes with neon.

I don't know if I'm brave enough to wear white jeans, quite a risk taker move. But all my For The Glow workouts might make this a possibility. So take your white hot jeans and pair them with your favorite winter, but still cool in summer leopard print heels.



Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Great picks. I, too, like leopard heels. In fact, I like leopard anything.

WendyB said...

I've got leopard booties that I didn't get to wear enough in the winter. I'm definitely looking for an excuse to wear them a few times in the summer!

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