30 Days Are Up. What I Learned From the For the Glow Challenge.

Awhile ago I posted about a challenge I decided to take on.

As you know I've been working out with For the Glow for almost a year. But about a month and a half ago she challenged me to push myself for a month, the twist was that she wanted me to keep my lifestyle.. as in happy hours, brunches and weekend shenanigans were all a ok. This sounded like the best kind of challenge ever, little did I know it would teach me a lot about myself.

So, I pretty much jumped into it without any preparation. That means I did the workout, but didn't follow any meal plans. The first week and a half I not only did the happy hours, but I also ate what I wanted for lunch and dinner.  First lesson, listen to your body. After a great workout in the morning, it felt wrong eating macaroni and cheese for lunch. So, I changed things. I made a promise to myself that I would devote my breakfast, snacks and lunch to the healthy plan. If I had dinner plans then I could have that as a cheat meal. If I didn't I would stick to a healthy option. Not only did I feel better about myself, but that's when I started to see a difference in my body.

Let me clarify.. during this month I had fish tacos, ice cream, coca cola, a hamburger, jalapeƱo chips and other delicious things. I just didn't have it everyday and I balanced it out with letting the healthy plan be the go to plan first.

Second lesson. The SCALE was bringing me down. I could look in the mirror and see my body changing. I could do workouts for longer and easier. I could run faster, but the scale didn't budge. I would get on it in the morning and it was like a punch in the gut. Haven't I been working my hardest? I mean I didn't touch any of the junk food at work for the past few weeks. So, I stopped getting on the scale. It was playing mind tricks on me and I knew what I knew and I wasn't going to let it take away how excited I was about the changes I was seeing. I would let how my clothes fit and how I felt be my indicator on how I was doing.

Third Lesson. Life can be a little chaotic, but you can control how to live it. There are days where I don't want to workout. I'm tired. I went to sleep late, I got up too late to workout in the morning. I have an event or something has come up. I used to let any excuse be my reason to skip. Since I worked out with Jenn everyday, she kept me accountable. But then I started to get up on Saturdays and Sundays with no Jenn and go running. The past week has been my real test. No Jenn around to keep me accountable, but I worked out 6 days last week and I will be getting up today to workout too. The mornings are the best time for me. Now that I know that I make it a point to stick to it.

Fourth Lesson. Working out can make you happy. What? I know.You're supposed to hate working out . But, after I finish a set of exercises that I was sure I would never get through, when I beat my fastest mile time, when I hold plank for longer than I thought I could and when I look in the mirror and see all of my hard work paying off.. well, that accomplishment makes me happy.

Here's some proof that you can laugh a lot during a workout. 

Thanks to For the Glow for extending this challenge to me. It's kicked my butt, but its also taught me a lot about myself. It wasn't easy and everyday I have to make the right choices, but once I got in the groove it just got easier.

If you're in the Seattle area, I really can't recommend For the Glow enough. As a girl who loves food and never considered herself a workout person, she has definitely helped me find the inner athlete that was just waiting to be discovered.

When she thanked me for being her workout model for some FTG videos in a newsletter she wrote this.

Challenge yourself and be amazed about what you will learn. 


Vyque said...

you look beautiful, great job on all that hard work!!

kelsemb said...

Yeah girl!

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