A Favorite Style Staple of Mine: Red Red Red Pants!

All RED everything. Ok, so that may not be the favorite kind of look for everyone, so let's just go with the pants. Do you have a pair of red pants in your closet? Well, its time to change that. What other color of pants came make stripes, denim, white t-shirts, leopard print and black racer tanks seem sassy or classy. That's right, also isn't the lady in red always intriguing. Don't you want to be intriguing? 

It's awesome how many different ways red pants can be dressed up. Of course now I want to trend it up with a print. I thought that before I found these. It's like Scotch and Soda read my mind.

Are you humming the lady in red song? Yup, me too.  
Happy Monday. 

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WendyB said...

Sad that I can't find a picture of the red pantsuit I wore in the '90s!

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