What I Wore: From Polka Dots to Prints On Prints On Prints.

The last two weeks I have been blowing up my instagram with selfies. Life has been a little fast paced and although I would love to do little outfit photoshoots to share on the blog, I never seem to have the time. So, if you would like to see what I've been wearing to work, please follow me on instagram.

So, you may notice that my photos are a little blurry. I really think I am getting better at this. I do have to thank ProfreshStyle for some lighting tips that really helped me take my selfies out of the dark and into the light of day.

I'm still playing around to see what arm works, where exactly I should stand and still working with the lightening so I wont have to lighten up in an app. We are getting there.

I do usually have music on when I am taking my selfies and you all know how I love a dance party, but I've learned a dance party and a selfie just dont mix. It's just too blurry. See the example above.

So, this is what I wore this week and if you would like to see what I wear in the weeks following make sure to follow me on instagram.


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Rebecca said...

I really love your looks! The pink dress and polka dot pants are exceptional pieces!


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