What To Wear When You See the Movie The Conjuring: NO SPOILERS.

It's a movie, so your probably thinking you should just wear what you want, like there shouldn't be any rules for seeing a movie. Well, that's where I went wrong too.

I went to a late night showing with my brother and his girlfriend. I wasn't really trying to impress anyone. So, I wore my favorite jean jacket and some comfortable pants. Wrong thing to do.

This is what I wish I would have done. 

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that you wear when you're sick, tired or just plain bummed out and for some reason it just comforts you? WEAR THAT!!!

I don't care if it has a hole in it or if its faded because you've had it since you were 15. Does it have stains on it? Who cares! Just remember it's dark in the movie theater. So, if your self conscious about what your comfort item looks like wait until the lights go down and then put it on. Trust me you're going to need it.

Even better then your comfort sweatshirt is a hoodie. 
 You should definitely bring something with a hood. It saves your arms because you will be covering your eyes most of the time.  Just put your hood on and give your arms a break, it will also save you from slapping yourself in the face, when you try to cover your eyes too quickly.

I must note, that I do scare pretty easily, so if you do too, please take your feel good piece of clothing and if it has a hood .. even better.

You're welcome.............. and PS. You should totally see it. 

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Delaney Knight @Lover_ofClothes said...

Love this! Totally true about any scary movie

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